The female mantis - a fascinating and elegant insect, with a strong, distinct character - has been the symbol of the brand since its foundation. Another key element is the safety pin, a reference to the innocence of childhood, but also to strong and determined femininity. Contrasting and conflicting elements blend together perfectly to produce elegant bags which are luxurious, but at the same time practical and functional - a "second skin" for the women wearing them. Timeless pieces which outlast the fashions that come and go.
Since she was little, Beatrice Rossi has been known by just one name - Sissi - and for one great passion for the magical world of bags.
Born into a family of leather goods makers, at a very young age she began expressing her creativity through drawing. The bags that carry her name perfectly represent
her lifestyle inspired by elements of femininity, natural beauty, radiance, passion, contemporary style, understatement.